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Step into a world of vibrant rainbows and cascading wins with Lucky Cola's newest addition, the Double Rainbow slot. Featuring 7 reels, magical multipliers, and a Full Rainbow bonus, this whimsical game offers nonstop excitement. Whether you're a casual player or a high roller, Double Rainbow promises delightful gameplay and massive payout potential. Find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – spin the reels at Lucky Cola now!


The online casino scene in the Philippines continues to thrive, with more players than ever taking advantage of the convenience and excitement of real money slots and table games. Lucky Cola has established itself as a premier choice for Filipino players thanks to its vast selection of titles, generous promotional offers, and outstanding customer experience.

Lucky Cola has recently added the colorful new slot Double Rainbow from developer Hacksaw Gaming to its ever-expanding library. This whimsical game celebrates the beauty of nature's rainbows with cascading wins, expanding Rainbow Reels, and the potential for positively massive payouts through its multiplier features.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the Lucky Cola Double Rainbow slot to highlight all the key features and mechanics that make this such an entertaining game. Whether you’re new to online slots or a seasoned pro, read on to see why Double Rainbow should be on your list of must-try games next time you play at Lucky Cola!

An Overview of Double Rainbow Slot Gameplay

An Overview of Double Rainbow Slot Gameplay

Double Rainbow is a cascading wins online slot with 7 reels, 6 rows, and cluster pays instead of fixed paylines. Whenever you form a cluster of 5 or more adjacent matching symbols, they disappear from the grid and new symbols cascade down to replace them. This allows for multiple consecutive wins from just a single spin.

The colorful candy-themed symbols are all valued equally. Get a cluster of 5 for a tiny 0.1x your bet. The payouts then steadily increase all the way up to a massive 500x your stake if you can land a full 15 symbol cluster!

As you play Double Rainbow, magical clouds will randomly land on the reels and activate special features. Clouds apply Rainbow Multipliers to the reels which hugely boost any wins that match the color of that reel's multiplier.

Certain clouds will also expand the reels and award extra free spins. If you can activate all 7 Rainbow Reels, the slot's Full Rainbow feature kicks in with doubled multipliers on every reel plus 5 more free spins!

With frequent cascading wins and the potential for absolutely gigantic payouts through the multipliers, Double Rainbow serves up excitement for all types of players. The cute graphics and upbeat soundtrack enhance the lighthearted fun. Next, let’s look closer at how the special features work.

Double Rainbow Special Features and Bonuses

Double Rainbow Special Features and Bonuses

Double Rainbow has a variety of features that can trigger on any spin to amp up the winning potential. Here are the main special features you'll want to watch for:

  • Rainbow Reels & Multipliers:

    The game contains 7 Rainbow Reels shown by the rainbow colored digits. When a Cloud symbol lands on a reel, it activates the Rainbow Reel and applies a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 250x! These multipliers apply to any winning cluster that matches the color of that reel's multiplier. Having multiple reels with big multipliers is the key to massive payouts.
  • There are two Cloud symbols:

    • Normal Clouds: Apply the multiplier and give 1 extra spin with active reels held.
    • Double Rainbow Clouds: Apply huge multipliers up to 250x and award 3 extra spins with active reels held.
  • Full Rainbow Feature:

    When all 7 Rainbow Reels are activated, the Full Rainbow feature kicks in. All current reel multipliers are multiplied by either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x! Then the game awards 5 more free spins with all the juiced up reels and multipliers held in place. As you can imagine, having every single reel boosted with a mega multiplier leads to insane winning potential on the bonus spins. The Full Rainbow is where you can really strike it big!
  • Double Rainbow Bonus Buy:

    Some casinos like Lucky Cola give players the option to buy the bonus round. There are two Bonus Buy choices in Double Rainbow:
    • 1 Rainbow Spin Buy: Costs 10x your bet and starts with 3 reels active with a minimum 4x multiplier. Awards at least 1 bonus spin.
    • 4 Rainbow Spins Buy: Costs 50x your stake and starts with 3 reels active with a minimum 4x multiplier. Awards at least 4 bonus spins.

Cascading Wins and Rainbow Reels Provide Nonstop Action

The most appealing part of Double Rainbow's gameplay is the way you frequently get cascading chain wins and retriggering features. When rainbow clouds land and boost reels, they often create big wins that then refill the grid, allowing more clouds to hit right after and apply even bigger multipliers.

Before you know it, you could have 3, 4 or all 5 reels boosted with major multipliers thanks to the cascading mechanics refilling the reels after every win. This kind of snowball effect is extremely satisfying when you're on the winning end of it!

Even on bonus spins, the features can retrigger and stack up. For example, you may trigger the Full Rainbow bonus and get 5 free spins will all reels boosted. But then while playing those spins, you hit more Clouds that add additional multipliers or award more bonus spins. This is one slot where the payouts can really compound in a hurry when you get a good run going.

Smooth Mobile Play and Overall Polished Presentation

While the theme might seem a bit juvenile to some, the graphics and audio are quite polished throughout. Double Rainbow looks and plays great on mobile, with optimized performance even for low-spec devices. Streamlined animations and short feature sequences keep the action fast paced.

Everything about the presentation is upbeat, from the smiling unicorn and dancing rainbows to the sparkling cluster win explosions. If you need an instant mood boost, just a few minutes with Double Rainbow is sure to do the trick! It's easy to get swept up in the charming world.

Lucky Cola Double Rainbow Volatility, RTP and Hit Frequency

Lucky Cola Double Rainbow Volatility, RTP and Hit Frequency

This online slot has a medium volatility level at 3/5. The cascading wins provide frequent small payouts to keep you entertained and extend play time. But when the big multipliers stack up, the potential wins get massive quickly.

The return to player (RTP) percentage can range wildly depending on jurisdiction, from 88.38% on the low end up to 96.38% at max. Be sure to pay attention to the specific RTP that applies on Lucky Cola.

Double Rainbow also has a hit frequency of 39%, meaning over a third of spins result in a win through the cascading payouts. All the factors combine for a great balance of reliability and big reward potential.

Bet Sizing and Maximum Win Details

At Lucky Cola, the minimum bet size in Double Rainbow is just $0.20 per spin while the max bet goes up to $100. This accommodates all types of players. Betting higher does increase the reward possibilities when bonuses hit.

Speaking of rewards, while there's no fixed jackpot, the maximum achievable win in Double Rainbow is a whopping 5000x your stake. Hit that limit on a max bet spin and you're looking at taking home half a million dollars!

Realistically most players will see results in the hundreds or thousands. But the huge ceiling on payouts keeps the excitement levels high. You never know when one lucky spin could change your life!

Optimizing Your Double Rainbow Strategy

To get the most enjoyment out of Double Rainbow, here are some tips for optimizing results:

  • Pay attention to reel multipliers and try to match colors - a red multiplier won't boost blue wins.
  • High volatility means extreme patience or high bets are required. Stay calm through dry spells.
  • Try the bonus buys for a change of pace and guaranteed extra spins.
  • Increase your bet size when you land Clouds and get multiple reels boosted.
  • The max bet opens the floodgates to massive potential payouts when bonuses align.
  • Study the pay table so you know which cluster sizes award the biggest jumps in payouts.

At the end of the day, randomness determines your results. But following these tips will ensure you get the most excitement out of every Double Rainbow session.

Big Win Potential Overview on Lucky Cola's Double Rainbow

While everyone's results vary due to random luck, some notable big wins from Double Rainbow include:

  • SpinLord222 hit a 639x win for $63,900 during a bonus round where the retriggers kept stacking multipliers.
  • MegaMoona triggered a Full Rainbow on maximum bet and scored a whopping 4000x win for $400,000!
  • LuckyDuck99 enjoyed a lucky spin with three Double Rainbow Clouds and won 300x their stake.

As these examples show, Double Rainbow has the potential to deliver life-changing wins, and it's the thrill of chasing those enormous payouts that keeps players coming back for more.


Lucky Cola's Double Rainbow is an enchanting online slot that combines cascading wins, colorful visuals, and a variety of exciting features to provide a delightful gaming experience. With its vibrant theme, smooth mobile gameplay, and massive payout potential, this slot stands out among the myriad of online casino games.

Whether you're a casual player looking for fun or a high roller seeking big wins, Double Rainbow offers something for everyone. The ever-changing multipliers and frequent cascading wins create nonstop action, while the Full Rainbow bonus can turn any spin into an unforgettable moment.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure through this whimsical world of rainbows and candy? Head over to Lucky Cola today and give Double Rainbow a spin. Don't forget to take advantage of their enticing promotional offers and bonuses for an even more rewarding experience.

Get ready to be captivated by the vibrant colors, thrilling features, and the potential for incredible payouts in Lucky Cola's Double Rainbow slot. Good luck, and may you find your own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Please remember that all gaming should be done responsibly. Gambling is a form of entertainment, and you should never gamble with more money than you can afford to lose. If you believe you have a gambling problem, seek help from a professional organization or helpline.

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